About Us

About Us

With my 28+ years of experience in the aftermarket offroad industry and my passion for fullsize, classic, convertible trucks, I discovered that there was a definite need for this niche market of Chevy Blazer enthusiasts.

And so I developed Motor City K5 to meet the demands of this growing brand by providing aftermarket replacement parts, restoration, consultation, and personalized customer service.

My hands-on expertise in the restoration of vintage 4-wheel drive vehicles allows me the opportunity to answer questions and seek solutions to problems customers may encounter in the process of repairing their own vehicles. I also take pride in always being available as a consultant to aid in the ordering of the correct replacement parts. I can identify easily with my customers because I share the same passion!

I can help customers achieve their build goals with my creativity in maintaining the classic look, while adding fresh modern amenities--such as LS conversions, electronic overdrive transmissions and long travel, smooth riding suspension systems--are some of my design objectives.

My drive is to work toward becoming a "one stop shop" by releasing new products as they enter the marketplace, and to work on developing my own branded parts as well. My focus is enhanced personal customer service performed with integrity.